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This seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis, maximum 30 persons.

The maximum number of registrants per company is 3. If you wish to register more than 3 participants, please contact AmCham Taipei office.

The only effective way for us to compete in the future is through innovating produts and processes faster than our competitors—and to innovate, we need creativity.

The problem is that there is little consensus on what "creativitiy" is. Not only that, in Taiwan, most people have a firm belief that "I am not creative." Nothing could be further from the truth. Creativity is not a genetic predisposition; it is, first and foremost, a mindset, which can be changed and cultivated.

This seminar will show you how. You will learn how to categorize all creativity into five types, and then using actual examples from our lifetime, understand what you need to acquire and develop them. The speaker has spent the last eleven years researching this topic for his multinational clients, and through real business cases and group discussion, he will share his research with you during this seminar.

Seminar Agenda

1. What exactly do we mean by creativity?

2. Five types of creativity—how to identify and classify them.

3. How to acquire each type of creativity

4. How to integrate two or more types of creativity to create sustainable innovation

5. Where to get additional support





AmCham Taipei member representatives only (breakfast included)

TW$ 1,900

Member Guests & Non-members (breakfast included)

TW$ 2,500

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