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Suppose you are on your company’s leadership team, and during a town hall meeting, somebody asks, “Which key competencies do we need to improve our job performance in the Digital Age?”

In one form or another, business leaders have always been asked this quetsion. What is new is the sense of urgency behind it. Companies throughout the world are using digitalization to reduce their cost and increase their productivity. Because of the tremendous cost advantage digitalization offers, businesses are realizing that their future depends more on the type of competence their executives, managers, and individdual contributors possess than the capital and assets the company owns. In other words, digitalization is creating a paradigm shift in value creation.

As executives and managers, how do you make sure that your your company and your team is staffed with people who know how to harness the power of digitalization? What kind of mindset do your people need? Which competencies? Even more importantly, how will you make sure that your existing people develop these competencies?

The speaker has spent the last six years researching this topic, and during the seminar, he will share with you his findings, including the specific mindset and competencies global organizations are now trying to develop in their people so to get ready for the Digital Age.

Seminar Agenda

1. How will digitalization impact every job, including management and managerial?
2. Which core competencies do we need, regardless of our position in the company?
3. What are global companies doing to get ahead of their peers?
4. Group discussion and Q&A session with the speaker
5. List of recommended books for further learning


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    William Zyzo

    Training Director, Z&A Knowledge Solutions / Education and Training Committee Co-Chair, AmCham Taipei

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