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Good leaders ask good questions. The reason is simple. No leader, no matter how experienced, can solve every problem at work, assume every responsibility, and perform every task. They need their people to learn to think on their feet. In fact, the higher up the organization we move, the more important leading with questions becomes.

Command-and-control leadership—“Do it my way or take the high way”—is effective mostly in jobs that require little or no initiative, creativity, and innovation. Today, given the hypercompetitive environment in which our companies engage with clients, distributors, and suppliers, we need our people to think out of the box—not only once a year during the strategy planning and goal setting but with every day, with challenge they face at work.

Research shows that asking effective questions allow us to not only us engage, influence, and inspire our people to come out with answers on their own but they also foster closer, more trusting, and lasting relationships. With growing talent shortage and high turnover in Taiwan, which one of us could not benefit from getting our key people to feel more engaged, iinspired, and committed to the work they are already doing?

During this seminar, you will learn to
  1. Understand the implication every question carries and the response it triggers in others
  2. Ask five types of questions at the right time and in the right way
  3. Watch videos of how today’s top global business leaders ask and answer questions
  4. Participate in hands-on activities with other business leaders attending the seminar

This seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis, maximum 30 persons.
The maximum number of registrants per company is 3. If you wish to register more than 3 participants, please contact AmCham Taipei office.


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    William Zyzo

    Managing Director, Z&A Knowledge Solutions / Advisor, Advanced Learning Lab, AmCham Taipei

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