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The world’s economy is undergoing significant challenges that are deeply unsettling for most businesses. This has created an urgent imperative to adjust to the new realities of changing business models. This was highlighted in the recent 2017 Morgan Philips Talent Report – Asia/Hong Kong. Employers in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were asked the question “What top talent or skill will your company need to succeed in 2017?” with the top answer across the board being “Change management skills.”

However, most executives in Greater China have a track record of driving growth and expanding teams within relatively straight roadmaps and global processes. Detecting someone who will partner in challenging the status quo or draw others into a new venture may not therefore be readily visible. HR practitioners need to understand how to identify a change agent by knowing what are the key characteristics (positive and open-minded), what are the warning signs for those who oppose change (seekers of stability, negative thinkers), and how they can ask targeted questions to uncover these characteristics.

Employers in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were also united in their second-most needed trait in the coming years: a “Competitive/ Entrepreneurial mindset.” With entrepreneurialism intrinsically linked to the concept of change, HR practitioners similarly need to know how to uncover such characteristics in new hires and existing workforces.

Guiding points/questions:
  • Why are change management skills so in demand in Greater China? And is there a talent shortage in this area?
  • What sort of candidates are most likely to possess change management skills? Are there commonalities in their backgrounds?
  • What are the characteristics of a change agent? How can HR uncover these characteristics when interview potential hires?
  • What are the warning signs that someone might struggle with change or is not the real change agent an employer is looking for?
  • How can HR uncover these skills in the existing workforce?
  • Why is entrepreneurialism an important element of change and, similarly, how can HR identify this characteristic?


  • Christine Raynaud (CEO, 博禹 Morgan Philips)

    Christine Raynaud

    CEO, 博禹 Morgan Philips

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