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This seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis, maximum 30 persons.
The maximum number of registrants per company is 3. If you wish to register more than 3 participants, please contact AmCham Taipei office.

We all know that our future depends on our ability to innovate, invent, and discover creative means to make our services, products, and business processes faster, better, easier—and cheaper. But to get there, we need to first know how to differentiate innovation, invention, discovery, and creativity—and know how and when to use which.

The speaker has spent the last eight years researching this topic for his multinational clients, and through real business cases and group discussion, he will share his research with you during this seminar.

Why You Should Join

Every business leader is looking into how to increase the productivity tor their people. There are only three ways:

1. Working more hours—and people in Taiwan are already working more than most people in the world.
2. Working more efficiently—yes, we can make some progress here, but only limited progress.
3. Leveraging new knowledge and tools—Instead of carrying stones, using wheelbarrows; instead of handwriting letters, using email, instead of using calculators, using Excel… That is how competitive value is created at work.

But how do we create new, useful knowledge that we can leverage at work—and do it ourselves, and not buy from others? There are only four ways to create new knowledge: discovery, invention, creativity, and innovation. During the seminar, we will look into what is required to create new knowledge using one of the four methods—and which of the four—we as business leaders—can leverage to our advantage. Not only four ways take the same time and effort, and not all four are equally easy to manage. As with other seminars, there will be plenty of real case presentations and group discussions with senior leaders from different industries. We hope to see you there, too!

Seminar Agenda

1. What is the difference between innovation, invention, creativity, and discovery?
2. What is required to innovate, invent, create, and discover new ideas and solutions?
3. How can you inspire yourself and your people to think creatively and innovatively?
4. Where can you get more help: books, websites, and solution providers?


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    William Zyzo

    Training Director, Z&A Knowledge Solutions / Advisor, Advanced Learning Lab, AmCham Taipei

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