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Event Details

This one-day seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis, with a maximum 30 participants.
The maximum number of registrants per company is three. If you wish to register more than three participants, please contact Jamie Lee at AmCham Taipei.
Look at the two sets of charts below. Which type of charts do people in your company usually create: like “Before” or “After”?
Business is about numbers—specifically, about the meaning behind those numbers. Unless your audiences can understand your meaning, they will not make the decision you want them to make, and unless they make that decision, they will not do what you want them to do.
That’s what data visualization helps you accomplish.
But how do most businesspeople normally visualize their data? We enter the data in Excel and then let PowerPoint give them a default chart. While PowerPoint does a decent job of converting the data into a default chart, the software cannot bring out the insight. That’s what we need to do.  
And that’s exactly you will learn about at this workshop. You will learn how to transform data into visual insights, using a systematic methodology for making sure your audiences can see, understand, and accept the meaning behind your data.
Using real business cases, this workshop will guide the participants to transform business-related data into visual insights using a proprietary eight-step process.
1.   CASE STUDY: Actual business cases: BEFORE AND AFTER EXAMPLES 
Group voting: Which charts show the meaning simply, clearly, and elegantly
Key concept:  Which elements make chart slides simple, clear, and attractive?
2.    Key concept: When to effectively visualize ranking   
Templates: Sample bar charts, column charts, line charts, bubble charts
Process: POWERFUL Slide Design: An eight-step process  
Application: Applying the concept, tools, and six-step process with real business cases
3.    Key concept: When to effectively visualize proportion   
Templates: Sample pie charts, column charts, bar charts, area charts, and line charts
Process: POWERFUL Slide Design: An eight-step process 
Application: Applying the concept, tools, and six-step process with real business cases 




Members/Member companies employees

(Breakfast/Lunch/Tea Break Included)

TW$ 5,500

(Breakfast/Lunch/Tea Break Included)

TW$ 6,500

Ticket Refund Policy

To cancel without penalty, written cancellation must be received by AmCham 24 hours before the event, or else full Price of the event will be charged. Expense for any guests invited by an AmCham member will be billed to the member’s account directly.