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Event Details

This seminar is on a first-come-first-served basis, maximum 30 persons.
The maximum number of registrants per company is 3. If you wish to register more than 3 participants, please contact AmCham Taipei office.

What shows up when your team members show up during a global or regional meeting? That is, what impression do your people leave on others when they interact with them—whether it is with your global CEO at dinner or when presenting annual business plan in front of Taiwan’s leadership team?

What-shows-up-when-they-show-up has many names in leadership literature: charism, presence, confidence, gravitas… While the name varies, what does not vary is the impact it has on a person’s reputation and their success.

So, how do you help your people discover what is showing up in their interactions with others? How can you be certain that what they have identified is helpful? Most importantly, how do you guide them once they have identified an area that needs improvement? These are the type of questions this seminar answers—using actual video-taped interactions by world-famous leaders.

  1. What is authentic confidence? Where, when, and how does it show up in interactions?
  2. What impact does it have on how others perceive your team members?
  3. How do you help your team members discover their authentic confidence?
  4. How do you guide them to cultivate authentic confidence?





AmCham Taipei member representatives only (breakfast included)

TW$ 1,900

Member Guests & Non-members (breakfast included)

TW$ 2,500

Ticket Refund Policy

To cancel without penalty, written cancellation must be received by AmCham 24 hours before the event, or else full Price of the event will be charged. Expense for any guests invited by an AmCham member will be billed to the member’s account directly.